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Work with a lawyer who understands situations like yours.

Free Case Review

Let us review your case. Contact us today to discuss your situation.

Know Your Rights

We’re here to help. Learn what you need to know following an arrest.

The Gagliardi Law Firm, PLLC

Experienced Criminal Defense Attorneys

405 Main St Ste 450, Houston, TX 77002
PHN: 713-224-6277 • FAX: 713-236-8663

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Work with an experienced lawyer who understands your situation.

Free Case Review

Let us review your case. Contact us today to discuss your situation.

Know Your Rights

We’re here to help. Learn what you need to know following an arrest.

Full Service Criminal Defense

Whether you are struggling with a charge for domestic violence or require legal assistance defending against a charge of driving while intoxicated, we can prepare a strong case to protect your rights and freedom.

Federal Criminal Defense

Federal Defense

Facing a federal indictment? We can help.
Theft Crimes

Theft Offenses

Accused of stealing? Call Atty. Gagliardi.

Drug Related Crimes

Accused of a drug crime? Call 713-224-6277.
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DWI (Drunk Driving)

Arrested for DWI? We’ll go over your options.
Criminal Litigation

Litigation Services

Record Sealing, Prob/Parole Violations

Homicide Cases

Accused of murder or was it self-defense?
Houston Sex Crimes Lawyer

Rape & Sexual Assault

Accused of rape? Call Atty. Gagliardi.
Houston Assault Case Defense

Assaultive Offenses

Let us hear your side of the story.

The Gagliardi Law Firm, PLLC Provides…

Excellent Legal Representation

Don’t Plea nor Sign Your Life Away, Call Joe

At The Gagliardi Law Firm, PLLC, we provide our clients with the personal service they deserve. We understand what a difficult time this may be for you and we’re committed to helping you through your unique situation.

Since 2004 Attorney Joseph Gagliardi has remained successful as a defense attorney for criminal cases. Poorly represented defendants are often imprisoned, whether innocent or not. Don’t plea, call Joe.

We Are Professionals

Our team is prepared to help you fight your case and avoid potentially devastating consequences. We offer in-person or over-the-phone free case evaluations for each of our clients performed by Mr. Gagliardi.

Atty. Joseph Gagliardi is passionate about providing the highest quality of aggressive representation available and will guide you through each step of your case.

We'll Fight to Have Charges Dismissed

During each phase of our legal representation, our primary focus remains on pursuing a dismissal of the charges filed against you. Attorney Joe Gagliardi understands what you must be feeling as you face charges that will ultimately alter your future if you’re convicted.

Our criminal defense team will do whatever it takes to obtain a positive outcome for your criminal case by preparing a solid defense, and challenging evidence. If we can get the evidence thrown out, they same may be true for your case.

Attorney Joe Gagliardi Knows How To win

Attorney Joseph Gagliardi knows what to look for when investigating statements, arrests, and charges made against a client. By working with The Gagliardi Law Firm, PLLC, you’ll receive personal and dedicated representation from our legal team and piece of mind know we’re fighting for you.

No matter the dynamics of your case, you’ll get the attention and assistance you deserve. We have your best interests in mind and will provide the legal resources and attention that your case requires.

A Resourceful Criminal Law Attorney

As you work with our firm, you’ll gain confidence that your case is being given the consideration, strong representation, and personal guidance required for strong showing in court.

Whether you need a defense lawyer for a drug related offense, or for an alleged sex crime that you were arrested for, our team has the resources to fight for a reduction in charges, full case dismissal, and if needed, taking the case all the way to trial.

An Effective Defense Matters

Without the representation of a strong and knowledgeable attorney, you can face a conviction and life-changing penalties.

Attorney Joseph Gagliardi is proud to provide exceptional legal services to each of our clients during their difficult circumstances. During our time in practice, we have defended the freedom of people charged with misdemeanor and felony offenses, both on the state and federal level.

A Quality Defense Option for Houstonians

Houston’s crime rate is 88% higher than the national average leading to a number of arrests, with many of those arrest having questionable circumstances. With the high level of criminal activity throughout Houston, the Harris County District Attorney’s Office has moved to limit the prosecution of low level marijuana offenses just to focus on the glut of more serious crimes.

An Arrest DOES NOT Imply Guilt

Given the ferocity of the Harris County DA’s office, and the sheer numbers of innocent people in jail awaiting trial, the need for a powerful and capable defense attorney is evident. If you choose to work with The Gagliardi Law Firm, PLLC, we’ll take action to ensure that your rights are protected and that you’re treated fairly. If you need to reach us, call our office at 713-224-6277.

We believe in providing every client with the best possible chance of a case reduction or dismissal. Attorney Joseph Gagliardi strongly believes that all of our clients are entitled to dignity and respect, which many other lawyers are not willing to offer, or fail to demonstrate.

Have a serious case?

We encourage you to schedule your free case evaluation with Attorney Joseph Gagliardi as soon as possible. We’re aware that each of our clients are unique and deserve personalized attention. During each stage of the of your case, we’ll make sure you’re kept up to speed with the latest developments.

For serious cases justifying rigorous inquiry, we have experience conducting investigations, and interviewing witnesses. If you’re ready to get started attorney Joseph Gagliardi is ready to hear from you. Call us at 713-224-6277 to schedule an appointment.

Affordable Payment Options

We understand the notion that the people who lack funding for their legal defense are often misrepresented, underrepresented, or simply not represented at all.

You don’t have to be the defendant that was sentenced to 15 years in prison while another person charged with the same or a worse offense faces 2.

Flexible Payment Plans

A solid, detailed, well-researched criminal defense doesn’t come cheap, but if you’re looking for a good lawyer who takes his clients serious and considers their plight a top priority, you’ve found it.

Regardless of the costs associated with your case, we’ll work with you.

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